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How to convert Pixel to Viewport?

PX (pixels) to VW (viewport width) is a conversion that is used in web development to convert a fixed width measurement in pixels to a relative width measurement in viewport units. The formula for converting PX to VW is as follows:
VW = (PX / (Viewport Width in PX)) * 100

For example, if you have a width of 500 pixels and the viewport width is 1000 pixels, the equivalent in VW would be:
VW = (500 / 1000) * 100 = 50VW

This means that the width of the element is 50% of the viewport width.

Resolution to DPI Conversion Table Chart

Pixels (px) to vw (viewport width) conversion table for a viewport width of 1920 pixels:

Pixels (px) vw (viewport width)
1px 0.05vw
5px 0.26vw
10px 0.52vw
20px 1.04vw
30px 1.56vw
40px 2.08vw
50px 2.60vw
60px 3.13vw
70px 3.65vw
80px 4.17vw
90px 4.69vw
100px 5.21vw
110px 5.73vw
120px 6.25vw
130px 6.77vw
140px 7.29vw
150px 7.81vw
160px 8.33vw
170px 8.85vw
180px 9.38vw
190px 9.90vw
200px 10.42vw
210px 10.94vw
220px 11.46vw
230px 11.98vw
240px 12.50vw
250px 13.02vw
260px 13.54vw
270px 14.06vw
280px 14.58vw
290px 15.10vw
300px 15.63vw