PX to EM Converter

PX to EM converter is the best accurate online PX to EM conversion tool.

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Conversion Formula: em = px / font-size (default is 16px)

How to convert PX to EM?

PX and EM are two units of measurement used in web design and development to specify the size of elements such as text, images, and buttons.

PX (pixels) is a static unit of measurement and is tied to the resolution of a device. The size of an element specified in pixels will be the same size regardless of the screen it’s being viewed on.

EM, on the other hand, is a relative unit of measurement. The size of an element specified in em is relative to the size of the font of its parent element. For example, if the font size of a parent element is 16px, 1em would equal 16px, 2em would equal 32px, and so on.

In the above converter tool, you can convert any PX value into EM easily.

PX to EM Conversion Table

1px 0.125em
4px 0.25em
8px 0.5em
12px 0.75em
16px 1em
20px 1.25em
24px 1.5em
32px 2em
40px 2.5em
48px 3em
64px 4em
96px 6em
128px 8em
160px 10em
176px 11em
192px 12em
208px 13em
224px 14em
256px 16em
320px 20em
480px 30em
576px 36em
768px 48em
800px 50em
960px 60em
992px 62em
1024px 64em
1120px 70em
1200px 75em
1280px 80em
1440px 90em
1600px 100em
3200px 200em