Pixel to CM Converter (PX to CM)

Pixel to CM converter is the most accurate online Pixels to Centimeters conversion tool.

CM to PX PX to CM

How to use PX into CM converter tool?

1 – Input the PPI (pixel per inch) value
2 – Enter the pixels in the second field
3 – Click the “Convert” button to get the result.

Pixels to Centimeters Conversion Table

Pixel Centimeter
18.89px 0.5cm
37.8px 1cm
56.7px 1.5cm
75.6px 2cm
94.5px 2.5cm
113.39px 3cm
132.28px 3.5cm
151.18px 4cm
170.08px 4.5cm
188.98px 5cm
207.87px 5.5cm
226.77px 6cm
245.67px 6.5cm
264.57px 7cm
283.46px 7.5cm
302.36px 8cm
321.26px 8.5cm
340.16px 9cm
359.06px 9.5cm
377.95px 10cm
566.93px 15cm
755.9px 20cm
944.88px 25cm
1133.86px 30cm